An amateur podcast about professional wrestling.

Maya Hansen, Toben Shelby, and Stevo

Three friends gather on an irregular basis to casually discuss and dissect simulated violence as storytelling in its many forms around the world. WWE, NJPW, PWG, Lucha Underground, Stardom, ROH, CMLL, and whatever else catches our fancy. It ain't ballet, but it is amazing, stupid, hilarious, weird, confusing, and beautiful. It's professional wrestling, and there's nothing quite like it. Let's talk about it.

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Series: ClobberCast

ClobberCast Episode 0: The Dark Match

Join Hank and Toben as they talk about pro-wrestling in a way that hopefully is friendly to fans and laymen alike. Some of you asked for it and now we’re trying to figure out why.

How is pro wrestling a thing we like? When did we fall in and out of love with it and what keeps us coming back?

Is pro wrestling kind of dumb? Yes.

Dumb in a fun way like action movies? Yes (usually).

Were most of Roddy Piper’s promos kind of racist? Yes.

For (beginners) reference:

Music: “Wrestlers” by Hot Chip.

Cover Image: “folded chairs” by Flickr user calliope