An amateur podcast about professional wrestling.

Maya Hansen, Toben Shelby, and Stevo

Three friends gather on an irregular basis to casually discuss and dissect simulated violence as storytelling in its many forms around the world. WWE, NJPW, PWG, Lucha Underground, Stardom, ROH, CMLL, and whatever else catches our fancy. It ain't ballet, but it is amazing, stupid, hilarious, weird, confusing, and beautiful. It's professional wrestling, and there's nothing quite like it. Let's talk about it.

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ClobberCast Episode 29: If It’s Ryback I’m Gonna Spit

Guys, there’s a LOT of wrestling to cover. The Lucha Underground finale! The Cruiserweight Classic! The Super J Cup! The ENTIRE G1 CLIMAX! And more! (Summer-what?)



  • The Mountain Goats – Choked Out
  • Yonosuke Kitamura – The Machine Gun Version 2
  • Yonosuke Kitamura – Alex Shelley Theme 「NEXT GO ROUND」 (You’re Already Dead ver.)
  • Peelander-Z – Terry Punk!


ClobberCast Episode 28: Prince Puma’s Butt Is Life

Maya and Stevo are off them gimmicks, and Toben tries his best to maintain order as we discuss Lucha Underground’s approaching season finale, NJPW’s continuing tournament season, and where all our favorite indie stars are headed next.

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Music: The Mountain Goats – Choked Out / Peelander-Z – Terry Punk!