Ballet Mécanique
Giant robots, and the people within.

Jami Carignan and Calvin Hansen

Jami and Calvin dive deep into the beauty, tragedy, self-affirmation, and heartbreak experienced through giant robots, and the people within.

Ballet Mécanique Cover Image

Ballet Mécanique Episode 2: Eureka Seven (Motion Blue / Watermelon)

Renton becomes accustomed to the Discovery Zone, and eventually, the Chill Dude zone. Adroc was doing a spooky plan, and the Illuminati is mad about it. Even thought the question was unasked, we are obliged, and given some reggae.



  • Index AI – Motion Blue
  • Sato Naoki – M3
  • Sagisu Shirou – 2EM08_B17
  • KAGAMI – Tiger Track
  • Mendo – Watermelon

Auxiliary Systems:

Ballet Mécanique Episode 1: Eureka Seven (Blue Monday / Blue Sky Fish)

Hey, let’s drive our motorbike off the cliff known as Eureka Seven, by jumping right into the first two episodes! Who thought this stuff up? Is Renton relatably annoying, or just annoying? Is Grandpa a jerk? Where’d these taco birds come from? Is this girl just a weirdo? Ride the way, brah!


Auxiliary Systems: