Film Disquisition Vol 1 Ep 16: A Simple Favor

Film Disquisition
Film Disquisition
Film Disquisition Vol 1 Ep 16: A Simple Favor

Space Money Octagon Presents
The Filmography Disquisition Series
Volume 1
Blake Lively: An Exhaustive Examination

Episode 16 – A Simple Favor

Emily is a cool tall charismatic gazelle Amazon woman in a pantsuit who handles public relations for a fashion and fragrance guru in New York, New York. One day, as she’s picking up her son from school in Connecticut, she meets a child-sized mother named Stephanie. They bond quickly, thanks to their sons’ friendship and also gin martinis. When Emily shares details of her high pressure family and work life, Stephanie – desperate for validation from a strong female figure – volunteers to watch Emily’s child after school should the need arise. The need arises soon, when Emily gets stuck in a work meeting, and Stephanie takes the kids to the park. Later, during drinks at Emily’s home – Emily reveals her sexual fluidity and coaxes Stephanie to also reveal a secret. Stephanie’s secret is much more intense and results in Emily giving her a new nickname. 
On another day, Emily once again finds herself in a bind and requests A Simple Favor of Stephanie – to watch her kid after school again. This time, however, Emily doesn’t come to pick up her son – and then isn’t heard from for several days! 

When she eventually…resurfaces…her friendship with Stephanie changes and never returns to its previous state. Blood is shed, more secrets are revealed, lives are torn apart, leading to the eventual incarceration of Emily! Fortunately, Emily’s natural charisma and adaptability suit her well in prison and she soon finds herself acclimating well to her new life.


Series overview:

Join Vanessa and Toben on an academic and well-researched quest to answer one of the most pressing cinematic questions of our time: what’s the best movie Blake Lively’s ever been in? During volume one of this series, they will watch – in chronological order – every single major motion picture featuring the actress Blake Lively. At the end of each episode, an updated ranking of Blake Lively movies will be determined, until the inevitable conclusion.

 Film rankings:

1. The Shallows
2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
3. All I See Is You
4. The Town
5. The Age of Adaline
6. Elvis and Anabelle
7. Savages
8. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
9. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
10. Accepted
11. Green Lantern
12. Hick
13. Cafe Society
14. Simon Says
15. New York I Love You

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performed by the Skidmore College Orchestra

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