Film Disquisition Vol 3: Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

Film Disquisition
Film Disquisition
Film Disquisition Vol 3: Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

Mary Lane is a true E-flat Dillinger! Living in a world of moldy figs, Mary Lane is a good girl who is basically the American Standard when it comes to being an upstanding citizen. That is until her boyfriend, Jimmy, begins acting suspicious. One night, Jimmy comes to her window and wakes her up. He acknowledges that he’s been acting odd – even admitting to gaining weight when he tries to give her his class ring and can’t get it off his finger –  but Mary doesn’t care. They reaffirm their relationship- comparing themselves to another pair of star crossed lovers (Romeo & Juliet) – and Mary promises to run away with him. When she returns from packing, Jimmy is being swept away in a strange car and so she follows. Unbeknownst to her, she winds up at the dope den where Jimmy has been partaking in reefer! There she meets Ralph who she THINKS is a suave college frat boy and he convinces her to try her first joint, though she believes it to be a cigarette. From there she devolves into an S&M version of herself, humping and whipping and slapping Ralph around, now totally addicted to the giggle smokes. In a haze, Mary Lane is shot that night when the den master returns and draws his gun to stop a fight between Ralph and Jimmy. Mary Lane immediately goes to hell, has inappropriate relations with the devil and then is later admitted into heaven. 

Space Money Octagon Presents
The Filmography Disquisition Series
Volume 3
Kristen Bell: An Exhaustive Examination

Join co-hosts Vanessa and Toben as they journey through an actor’s filmography in an effort to definitively determine that actor’s best movie, using a very real and refined review process.
In Volume 3 of the series, Vanessa and Toben are seeking out the best Kristen Bell movie.

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Contact: (emails may be read on the show)

Hosts: Vanessa  and Toben 

Music: Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto in B Flat Major, K. 191 – I. Allegro
performed by the Skidmore College Orchestra

Intro voice performance: @iamastove

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