ClobberCast Episode 35: He’s Workin’ The Lump Scar

ClobberCast Episode 35: He's Workin' The Lump Scar

Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament, and the dreams within the heart of its winner! The Young Bucks book shit from their YouTube channel way better than Ring of Honor! Wrestling Dontaku was a ton of fun and had some dope matches! Hopefully WWE’s women’s tournament is good! Maya and Toben have serious heat over the single pant-leg look! Our personal entrance music picks, plus some silly fantasy casting of wrestlers in all our favorite movies! (E-mail us more movies you want us to cast!)



  • The Mountain Goats – Choked Out
  • nWo Japan ~ AristTrist – FLAMES OF FREEDOM
  • Peelander-Z – Terry Punk!