ClobberCast Episode 2: Beardemic

Hank and Toben are joined by Nothing Matters podcast’s Derek to talk about some recent wrasslin happenings, but mostly to talk about the appeal of Daniel Bryan.

How’d the bearded badass make his way to the WWE? What almost ended his chance at stardom? How did losing in 18 seconds make him a star? Listen in as we sort it out.

Derek also has a barrage of “hey, I don’t really watch wrestling” questions that Toben and Hank try their best to answer.

Post Wrestlemania 28 crowd go nuts for Daniel Bryan, despite him not being in the ring:

Daniel Bryan responds to fan support:

The UFC fighter who inspired Daniel Bryan’s “Yes, Yes, Yes” chant:

Don’t worry, that UFC fighter is totally cool with it:

If Daniel Bryan does this, we can die happy:

Words can’t really explain Emma’s dance on NXT:

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