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OCTAGON KINGDOM: Feel Good Game Time And Podcast Jamboree

“No Scopes for Non-Profits!”*

23 Hour Live Streaming Marathon

Raising money for Trans Lifeline, National Immigration Justice Center, and Planned Parenthood!**

That’s right, its been a LONG time coming, but Space Money Octagon is going to do another marathon fund-raising stream for some great causes! We’ll be going live on our YouTube channel starting at Noon PST, Saturday, March 11th, and we’re stopping 23 hours later, at Noon PDT, Sunday March 12th. ALL money donated during that time will be divided evenly between the wonderful organizations listed above.***

Here’s just SOME of what you can expect:

  • At least one max-length game of Mario Party!
  • Live podcast recordings for ClobberCast and Parking Lot Test! (and maybe more??)
  • Special guests and friends!
  • If we raise at least $500, we will play as much Deadly Premonition as we can stand! (this seems totally doable and it terrifies me)
  • We’re probably gonna get real tired and loopy at some point and that’ll hopefully be funny!
  • A fun time!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us on Twitter at @SMOctagon. That’s also a great place to follow us for updates on what we’re doing!

* Technically, NIJC isn’t a non-profit organization, but their parent organization is, Heartland Alliance, and we think that’s close enough to use this cool tagline.

** We are not officially affiliated with any of these organizations! We didn’t even tell them. This is all us bay bee!

*** Receipts for donations will be posted on our Twitter within 24 hours after the end of the stream!

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